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Hey there!

A visitor whoa! I don't know how you found this place, but for your efforts you win: a headache! You're welcome anyway.
You want to avoid everything tagged therapy. Because it is.
I warned you.

ps. the grammerr is atrocious because the internet was my lovely porn-addicted English teacher.
green_rain: is the doctor in? (i remove the cause but not the symptom)
looks at me
me: fine, then i won't draw then
him: no, no, i was going for affectionately evil
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there wasn`t a time when i trusted someone and and it was a good idea
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the waves are...
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how long will i have _this_ job
it`s soul tiring
(let`s forget about not having money to eat or for rent,why not)
not being good for anything
because your personality isn`t
even if you do your very very best
it`s not what you do, it`s who you are
downwards spiral
you have depression. die!
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drawing sthg w every good fic i read?
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How to make homemade butter, requires no effort:
-freeze a tub of double cream
-that`s it

p.s.: I still want whipped cream
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what`s worth getting up (today) for?

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Due south a tvben!!!!
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1431. One Way of Trusting

By Hannah Parker Kimball

NOT trust you, dear? Nay, ’t is not true.
As sailors trust the shifting sea
From day to day, so I trust you.
They know how smooth the sea can be;
And well they know its treachery 5
When tempests blow; yet forth they thrust
Their ships, as in security.
They trust it, dear, because they must.
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ahhahahaa, still no
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you needn't be
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too much
too much
help me please

heart ache

Nov. 25th, 2009 08:56 pm
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it hurts ithurts it hurts, love

you always show me my place

so. out of here.
let's get out
of this time and place.
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tugging on my leash
to see
if you're still listening
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Tweak says, "Baaaaa means 'No'"
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